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Flexible certification: Only attend One registration meeting and the rest of training via self-paced modules

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Pledge Drive Support Agents will Process incoming pledge drive calls for PBS, NPR, Wounded Warrior, St Jude, ASPCA, and various other non-profit agencies. Please review all details regarding this opportunity located on this page. The pledge drive is a seasonal opportunity. Call volume is available during the months of January, March, June, August, November, and December. (You will have access to hours year around)

Certification Cost: one-time, non-refundable cost of $50. This covers certification and background check

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CSP Pay: $0.25 to $0.32 per minute

IBO Fee: $25 per pay cycle Platform fee: $0.02 cents per minute (minimum of $2.50 cap at $25) effective Jan. 1 2019

Pledge Drive At A Glance 

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Pledge Drive Support Webinar

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